All you wanted to know about the pros and cons of the service in our detailed WIX review

Growing your business online becomes easy these days. You don’t need to be a professional web developer in order to create a magnificent site, blog or even shop for your personal or commercial; needs. With this website builder, you will just choose a perfect template and do a bit of drag-n-dropping. Sounds like a job for a housewife, right? Let’s see if this provider has truly powerful tool kit as it is advertised and whether you should try and subscribe.

Main features of site creator unites several services you may need while creating an online project. We will focus on the three most essential tools — Editor, ADI and Corvid.

Wix Editor

If you want to take everything under your control, Editor is the best option. It has numerous features and settings and is a universal website maker, both simple and smart. You will need a bit of knowledge to accomplish your task but still, it is not rocket science. So, which cool things are available?

  • Select the most suitable template out of 500 pre-defined ones. All Wix templates are created by professional designers so it is just a matter of taste which one should be chosen. However, it is worth mentioning that the full collection is available for paid users only. If you start from the free version, you will be limited to 16 templates.
  • Once you choose the inspiration scheme, you can change it just like you want. Drag-n-drop all designed blocks, remove the ones you do not require and adjust their order.
  • Mobile optimization is powered by Wix developers too. It means that each and every project will look good on huge desktops, medium laptops & all popular mobile devices. However, there are a few complaints about issues and bugs related to these optimizations in the network, so do not forget about tests before you go online to be sure that everything is truly perfect.
  • SEO tools are available too, so do not forget about this incredibly important booster. You will be able to implement any SEO strategy already planned.
  • App Market package is at hand in Editor. It is an immense collection of various widgets and small web-based apps. Weather, calendar, chat, file uploader, different social buttons are always at hand. Some of them have a trial, some are free of charge forever, and a few require a premium account.
  • Huge collection of awesome fonts, media plugins, slideshow & video engines are also at your service.

Artificial Design Intelligence

If you are not an experienced user and do not want to waste a single moment before going online, meet Wix ADI — AI-based platform that created beautiful websites automatically. Just answer a few simple questions — artificial intelligence will do the rest.

So, which things will Wix do?

  • Implement a ready-to-use web project with colorful images, good-looking fonts and articles. You will just need to review and edit several phrases or blocks.
  • Provide unique design based on numerous different templates combined randomly.
  • Optimize the content so it looks good both in desktop and mobile device (again, be sure you have checked what is done, because some unexpected bugs may appear).
  • Offer you personalized tips and tricks in order to help make everything even better.
  • Give you permissions to customize everything, so you can then go to Editor for additional improvements and enhancements.

Corvid from Wix

And finally, the third option is for developers. It allows you to enrich created project with scripts, add personalized user-interface objects, link APIs for smart marketing tools or advanced monitoring. Corvid allows developing a web-based program in addition to a simple website. The following are available:

  • Powerful tool kit for Front-End development that includes hundreds of UI objects and elements, all customizable and ready-to-use. As a must for registration forms or other similar pages that require user interaction.
  • The ability to connect an external database.
  • The possibility to add dynamic pages easily. Let’s say you create a shop out of your own database. Each page is similar but contains new data. It can be set up with Corvid in a few clicks.

It sounds pretty cool but there is fly in the ointment. Corvid was released not so long ago, so still has numerous bugs and issues. Sometimes it is truly hard to adjust and make it work. The whole idea is great but we’d better recommend you waiting until this service becomes stronger and more stable.

Next stage of Wix reviews: eCommerce features

In addition to simple projects, Wix allows creating a full-fledged store with a smart and easy-to-use cart, payment gateway, marketing tools, etc. It may be not the best option for big companies but will suit an affiliate or reseller best.

If you ever tried to run an online-based business, you know how hard it is to connect your shop to payment providers. Enormous commissions, complex contracts, no support for small customers are the main things each seller meets on his way. With Wix, you will start easily. The company provides affiliates and resellers with several popular payment methods including but not limited to PayPal and credit cards.

Moreover, no commission is required, just pay for the regular subscription that starts from $17.00 per month (the basic package). Need more features or dedicated support? Then we recommend you to go for a VIP subscription that costs $35.00 monthly.

In addition, as we have already mentioned above, SEO tool kit is included to Wix. It will help you adjust keywords, titles, descriptions to make your project recognizable for search engines. This is a crucial thing for eCommerce, so do not miss this important stage.

Finally, Wix website hosting review

The last but not least thing Wix may offer you is a web hosting for your newly built sites. The basic one starts from 500 MB of storage plus 1 GB of traffic and is cloud-based. It costs as less as $4.50 per month but includes Wix ads.

The basic package is tiny but it will be enough for those who run a personal blog. You may start from this one, check all the features by yourself to understand whether it is your cup of tea or not.

If you are launching a page for service advertising (let’s say the one with wedding or portrait photography), you’d better go for the next plan called Combo. It costs $8.50 and gives you 3 GB of storage plus 2 GB of traffic. By the way, it is a great idea to get stuck to Wix if you need a smart and marvelous photographer’s page. Thanks to numerous gallery plugins and several refined templates made with photos in mind, it will be beautiful and still easy to create and launch.